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Flowcase is your go-to destination for custom extended artwork cases designed for both (sleeved) single and graded Pokémon cards from trusted companies like PSA, APgrading, and UGC.

Protect your cards from scratches, dust, and UV damage while adding style to your collection. Explore the unique and specially manufactured Flowcases today for superior card protection and presentation.


Elevate your collection to a new level with Flowcases for Mew EX and Mewtwo from the Ultra Premium Collection. Order now and give your prized Pokémon cards the protection and presentation they deserve!

Whether you're a dedicated collector or a Pokémon enthusiast, our Flowcases add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your cherished cards. Keep your Mew EX and Mewtwo cards in pristine condition while displaying them proudly.

Why Flowcase.

Extensive and Ever-Expanding Collection

Elevate your Pokémon card collection with Flowcase and give your cards the protection and presentation they deserve. Explore our ever-expanding collection and join the ranks of passionate Pokémon fans who trust Flowcase for their card preservation needs.

Handmade by Passionate Fans

Discover the ultimate Pokémon card protection with Flowcase. Our collection is unmatched, offering the widest range of handcrafted cases for your prized Pokémon cards. Whether you're a collector or enthusiast, our passion shines through in every meticulously crafted case.

Premium Quality Acrylic Cases with Strong Magnets

Experience the pinnacle of quality with our unique acrylic cases, designed to safeguard your cards from UV, scratches and dust with the strongest magnets available. Graded or normal, our cases boast the same impeccable craftsmanship, allowing you to create a seamless and stunning collection display.

Customer Satisfaction at the Core

At Flowcase, customer satisfaction is our priority. We're dedicated to providing exceptional service, answering your inquiries, and listening to your feedback. Enjoy free updates on artwork and let us tailor your experience to make you truly happy.

Customer Reviews.


Ordered these flowcases to store and display the promo cards nicely. And the case makes the card even more beautiful. Think it adds so much to the card that I have ordered 5 more for other cards

Robert L.

I will receive the cards soon and they will come in these beautiful cases. The cases look very nice and are a nice display for the cards. Very happy with it

Arjen S.

The cases were well packaged and look great in real life! Definitely going to buy more in the future.

Jordy J.

Ordered 2 umbreon showcase, arrived faster than the estimated delivery time, product is of top quality and looks sleek

Great work!

Jeffrey A.